Although our focus in the past has been on OOH and other forms of traditional marketing, Giant Digital is also a company that recognizes the need to adjust with the times and with the internet and mobile movement taking over the world and how we do business today, while digital marketing is still a growing trend, it’s fast becoming one of the most effective and important marketing channels available to any business. And it is here to stay.

Venessa Nolan

“The Giant Digital team has 10 years experience in web development, search engine marketing & social media marketing & lead generation. If you are a small business struggeling to find your voice, you will greatly benefit from our services.”  Venessa Nolan – owner

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Online strategy and planning has been an integral part of our process from day one. We live, think, play, and work in an integrated digital world. With our finger on the pulse of technology Giant Digital is uniquely suited to develop your short and long term online strategies.

Market and competitor analysis, online positioning, social media, and media planning provide a dynamic approach to branding. It’s the core of every successful internet campaign.

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